HP NonStop Demo mobile app - Overview

HP NonStop Demo 2.0

Application Description

The HP NonStop Demo 2.0 is a free downloadable mobile app that allows you to simulate the unique NonStop instantaneous Take-Over process that forms the foundation for the world’s most available and scalable server. This demo highlights one of the fundamental elements of the HP NonStop Operating Systems process-pair technology. It is intended for enterprise level computing professionals who may not be familiar with HP NonStop server technologies and NonStop professionals that would like to use the demo as a conversation starter to discuss the pinnacle of application uptime in the industry.

Download it now and discover why NonStop technology drives the majority of the world payment systems, mobile telephony and many other mission-critical business solutions.

This app demonstrates the key differentiator of the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem and why its availability is unparalleled in the industry. The HP NonStop Demo 2.0 simulates the instant take-over of application processes when they are interrupted by the failure of a CPU within any size node, in real-time. It uses a graphical display to convey the underlying concept of how NonStop systems can accomplish this kind of seamless take-over to ensure 100% application uptime.

What You Can Do with the HP NonStop Demo

The HP NonStop Demo allows you virtually “create or join” a small 4 processor NonStop BladeSystem (node). Each of the 4 processors (CPU’s) is simulated in real-time, running on different iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices anywhere in the world. Using different colored circles, application processes are shown running and distributed across the CPU’s of the virtual server. By switching off one of the iOS devices (CPU’s) in the node, a CPU failure is simulated and the instant take-over process moves those processes to the other active CPU’s (devices) in the node.

The application also provides a direct link to the HP NonStop Server home page, basic concepts about the NonStop Server and facts on the real life usage of the world’s most reliable server technology.

NonStop Demo Features

  • Learn how instant take-over works
  • Create or join a virtual HP NonStop BladeSystem multi-processor node using up to 4 iOS devices
  • See all the application processes running across the node’s CPUs
  • Invoke a CPU failure by switching off one of the devices or halting it’s processes
  • Witness the instant take-over process on another CPU in the node
  • Reload application processes after repair (switching on) the failed device/Demo app
  • See how instant take-over avoids application downtime
  • Discover how the world depends on NonStop
  • See more detail on how HP NonStop Servers operate
  • See cool facts about HP NonStop Servers

This demonstration app is intended for educational and business discussion purposes and is not actually running on an HP NonStop BladeSystem. If it were, there would be no visible latency during takeover. You may -notice some latency while running this application, depending on your wireless connection and the application sync cycles on the server. This application is running on an SQL server running Linux and Apache.


To download the HP NonStop Demo from the App Store, click here

  • The HP NonStop Demo 2.0 application is available free from the App Store, which is easily accessible from your network connected iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
  • You can also download HP NonStop Demo 2.0 from the App Store, accessible via iTunes, directly to your computer, then manually sync to your iOS device. In order to install HP NonStop Demo 2.0 to your device via a computer, the Apple iTunes application must be installed and in use, and your iOS device software must be version 3.0 or higher.
  • To access the latest version of iTunes, visit the download site at: www.apple.com/itunes/download